Mysterious balancing rock found on Comet 67P

Mysterious Balancing Rock Found On Comet 67P
Mysterious Balancing Rock Found On Comet 67P

The natural phenomenon where a rock is barely attached to its base, yet somehow manages to not fall is an odd one to behold on Earth.

It also appears to be a puzzling occurrence in space, as one that's been observed on Comet 67P has thus far defied explanation.

Based on photos taken by the OSIRIS system onboard the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, it's estimated that the precariously positioned mass is about a hundred feet in diameter.

On Earth, rocks in similar situations are often a result of the ground below being eroded by wind and water. Among the theories put forth by the Rosetta team is that the massive rock on 67P was rolled to its current location by the comet's activity.

There's also still the possibility that the rock is not actually performing a balancing act at all.

Researchers acknowledge that what looks like an oddity could just be a matter of image angle and lighting. More pictures are expected from Rosetta as it continues on its orbit. As those become available scientists will have a better understanding of the area.

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