Melissa Rivers says mom Joan was obsessed with airplane food

Melissa Rivers: Mom Joan Was 'Obsessed' with Airplane Food
Melissa Rivers: Mom Joan Was 'Obsessed' with Airplane Food

Joan Rivers was known for loving many things in her life: great jokes; fashion; jewelry.

But according to her daughter, Melissa, the iconic comedian also had a soft spot for -- wait for it -- airplane food.

"My mother loved airline food," Melissa revealed Tuesday during an interview with Rachael Ray and co-host Bob Harper. "She would ate all of hers, and then she would eat mine!"

Specifically, Melissa said that Joan -- who died last September after she stopped breathing during a procedure on her vocal cords -- had a soft spot for mile-high sweets.

"On American Airlines, they give you these little chocolates," Melissa said. "We literally have boxes of American Airlines chocolates."

"When you walk into my mother's apartment ...," Melissa continued. "It's this beautiful, gorgeous apartment, and then in the little candy dish is American Airlines chocolates!"

"They would hand me, like, containers of them every time one of us would fly."

For more on Rachael Ray's interview with Melissa Rivers, watch the video, above.

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