Kim Jong Un really wants lobster

Kim Jong Un Wants His Lobster
Kim Jong Un Wants His Lobster

This week Kim Jong Un's wrath fell on an unlikely target - a North Korean turtle farm. The farm was once a personal endeavor of his father Kim Jong Il, who "exerted efforts to provide the people with tasty and nutritious terrapin widely known as precious tonic from olden times" according to KCNA.

KCNA now reports the Supreme Leader was seriously disappointed in the Taedonggang Terrapin farm after it failed to follow through on a special "mission" for the upcoming 70th founding anniversary of the Worker's Party of Korea (WPK). Kim Jong Un intended for the turtle farm to begin breeding lobster after he personally sent two freshwater lobsters to kick off the initiative. The lobsters were to be brought to a decadent state celebration on October 10th.

In a report released Monday Kim Jong Un, "strongly criticized the shortcoming of its officials as a manifestation of incompetence, outmoded way of thinking and irresponsible work style."

While the WPK will likely celebrate the anniversary with a lavish party, it looks like they may have to do so without the extravagant lobster.

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