Jimmy Fallon bids farewell to late night's David Letterman

Jimmy Fallon Says Farewell to David Letterman!
Jimmy Fallon Says Farewell to David Letterman!

Everyone is getting teary eyed!

Jimmy Fallon said goodbye to the great David Letterman last night on NBC's "The Tonight Show." Fallon commented on how Dave was full of humor, innovation and "just plain weirdness."

Remember when Dave would throw random objects off of a five story building? Watch it here if you forget, it's pretty great. Jimmy got a bit emotional, and reflected on how Dave's crazy antics have allowed him to do what he does now on "The Tonight Show."

Needless to say, David Letterman will surely be missed by all those who watched him throughout the years!

Click below to see David Letterman and "The Late Show" through the years!

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