FDA expected to almost entirely ban trans fats as early as this week

FDA Expected To Almost Entirely Ban Trans Fats As Early As This Week
FDA Expected To Almost Entirely Ban Trans Fats As Early As This Week

The Obama administration has been working hard to make American's diets healthier, and it's believed that it could be one big step closer as early as this week.

It's expected that the FDA will be announcing a nearly total ban on the use of trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils.

Though it was a popular ingredient for decades, research performed in recent times has shown it's connected to a number of very serious health problems. It's estimated that removing trans fats from foods will prevent roughly 7 thousand heart disease related deaths and approximately 20 thousand heart attacks per year.

A number of America's favorite foods, such as Oreos and Cheetos, have already been rid of the ingredient. According to Politico, others, like Pop Secret microwave popcorn and Sarah Lee cheesecake, still contain it.

Part of the appeal of using partially hydrogenated oils is that they boost shelf life and enhance texture. They also help foods take and retain color, and thus are popular in the making of embellishments such as sprinkles.

It's unclear at this time if a content threshold will be established and, if so, what it may be. It is anticipated that food makers will be given a good amount of time to make the transition.

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