Avi Flombaum, co founder of The Flatiron School, will be LIVE on AOL BUILD

Most 28-year-olds are starting to climb the corporate ladder or moving up in their desired fields. Today's BUILD guest leaves most 28-year-olds in the dust.

Avi is not the average joe. At a shockingly young age he has been a hedge fund CTO, founder of a creative agency and a successful startup entrepreneur. But in fact, that is exactly what Avi Flombaum has accomplished. As if all of that wasn't impressive enough, Avi also once moonlighted as a programming teacher, sparking his next passion.

In 2012, he co-founded The Flatiron School as a new arena for students to learn all there is to know about computer programming. With nearly 100% of his graduates obtaining jobs after their courses, it is safe to say Flombaum is onto something big.

Be sure to check out Avi Flombaum LIVE on AOL BUILD today, May 19 at 3 p.m. ET. Tune in LIVE on AOL BUILD as seen above, as well as AOL.com's Periscope. To learn more about The Flatiron School, visit their website here.