Amazon and Netflix thinning out their reality show offerings

Amazon And Netflix Thinning Out Their Reality Show Offerings
Amazon And Netflix Thinning Out Their Reality Show Offerings

Amazon and Netflix are thinning out their reality television show offerings.

In recent times both of the streaming services have reconsidered their relationships with the genre and the companies that provide it.

Among those sources is Viacom, which is behind such shows as "Mob Wives" and "Teen Mom."

Netflix allowed their contract with them to lapse two years ago, at which time, Amazon Prime Instant Video took the programming on.

Amazon was mostly interested in the children's content, but agreed to air the reality programs as part of the package.

They've recently rethought that arrangement and will be dropping much of the unscripted content.

Instead, Amazon will focus on scripted programs and venture further into producing their own shows, including a second season of the highly regarded drama "Transparent."

Netflix has already had quite a bit of success with that approach, introducing acclaimed series like "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black."

It's been their observation that the service's customers just aren't all that interested in reality television.

That's also proving to be true for traditional networks.

According to Bloomberg, both A&E and History, which feature more reality based shows, have reported 20 to 30 percent declines in prime time audiences this year.

David Bank, an RBC Capital Markets analyst, noted, "Unscripted docudrama is becoming increasingly marginalized."

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