Woman runs the perimeter of the US

One Woman Runs Around the US
One Woman Runs Around the US

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- At age 50, Helene Neville laced up her running shoes and started a journey running along the perimeter of the United States.

"I'm alone out there and sometimes it's lonely, but I know I'm never really alone because of everybody who's inspired by this cause," Neville said.

The life-long runner is also a four-time cancer survivor.

"I had Hodgkin Lymphoma in the '90s and endured radiation and chemo, three brain surgeries," Neville said.

With those painful struggles behind her, the now 54-year-old nurse, motivational speaker and author is adding trans-continental runner to her resume. Along the way, she is reconnecting with friends from her past, such as Ann Marie Klein, who ran with Neville on the Burlington High School track team.

"She was a champion in high school, she was a track star, coach, state champion. Very impressive, very impressive," Klein said.

Impressive seems to just scratch the surface for a woman who will be the fourth person in history to complete the challenge.

"I like to stop and share my story at schools, hospitals and just inspire people to rethink impossible," Neville said. "Maybe if they see me out there and find out about the story and think wow she's out there after all she's been through, what are the possibilities for me?"

Neville plans to finish her run on Sept. 5 and said she is making every stride count.

"I'm the only one qualified to be me so I have to be my best me, so when people say, "Save the best for last," you don't know when the last will be so shouldn't every moment of every day be your best? So that's how I live," Neville said.

Neville will finish her run in Ocean Shores, Washington.

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