Wildest Airbnb rentals you have to check out

Wildest Airbnb Rentals You Have to Check Out
Wildest Airbnb Rentals You Have to Check Out

From tree houses to seashell homes, Airbnb takes unique rentals, to the next level!

Take a look at some of the wildest rentals listed on Airbnb. Being in the dog house has a whole new meaning! For $98 a night you can stay at this Dog Bark Park Inn, in Cottonwood Indiana. It's a beagle shaped one unit inn, and the whole place looks to be dog themed.

When you think of a beach house, you think of sea shells, but a shell shaped house? Yes, you can find this gem in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Inside there's all sorts of sea shell decor -- a giant two bedroom seashell.

This may look like a water tower on the streets of London, but it's a one bedroom listed as the 'amazing round room in the sky.' Gaze up at the stars inside a bubble! This rental in Limousin, France has a hot tub, and it lights up blue. So if bubbles are your thing, this may be romantic. Or board this plane hotel in Gelderland, Netherlands. There's a cockpit and I've never seen a tub on an airplane.

Talk about cruising through your vacay.