USPS: 6,000 dog attacks on mail carriers last year

USPS: 6,000 Dog Attacks On Mail Carriers Last Year
USPS: 6,000 Dog Attacks On Mail Carriers Last Year

Mail carriers and dogs have long shared an often rocky relationship, and the US Postal Service has revealed just how bad it can get.

According to their recently released figures, last year alone nearly 6 thousand carriers reported being attacked by dogs.

The USPS also compiled a list of where those attacks most often occurred.

Los Angeles, California was home to the greatest number, with 74.

Houston wasn't too far behind at 62.

San Diego, Chicago, and Dallas all came in with numbers in the 40s.

Tying as the 6th tensest city in regards to dog and postal worker relations were Louisville, Kentucky and Denver, Colorado.

The US Postal Service advises that people with dogs keep them secured when mail carriers are near.

Postal workers are often told by customers that their precious pooches would never bite a human.

Noted by the USPS is that carriers are under no obligation to provide home delivery to environments they deem unsafe due to the presence of dogs running freely.