Students under fire for ponchos, border patrol label in yearbook photo

Students Wear Ponchos, Border Patrol Label in Yearbook Photo
Students Wear Ponchos, Border Patrol Label in Yearbook Photo

This yearbook photo of Florida high school students dressed in ponchos and fake mustaches, with another representing a border patrol agent, is being called racist — and it's quickly gone viral on the Internet.

Among those shocked to see the photo was senior Jessica Morales, who spoke with WFTX.

"It was just really offensive, especially because the picture kind of belittles the whole issue," Morales told WFTX.

News of the photo spread across the country after Morales posted the photo to social media. The intent of the picture was immediately called into question.

Kristen Perez told WFTX: "This a highlight of something they did this year. This is something Naples High School condones and represents."

A district leader released a statement and an apology, saying: "If anyone on the yearbook team finds a picture questionable, the yearbook sponsor brings it forward to Principal Saba. That regrettably did not happen in this case."

Details about faculty involvement still seem unclear. However, it seems likely the yearbook team's sponsor is an adult.

According to the district's website, Naples High School is almost 30 percent hispanic. Less than one percent of the student population is considered migrant –– a category that, of course, isn't limited to hispanic immigrants.

Others argue the photo was simply a fun image from the spirit week during which it was taken. WFTX reports, however, the day's theme when the picture was taken was not related to illegal immigration at all. It was "Twin Day."

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