Sexy is changing, and so is Maxim Magazine

Sexy Is Changing, and So Is Maxim Magazine
Sexy Is Changing, and So Is Maxim Magazine

The men's magazine known for sexy cover photos and lists of the hottest women is experimenting with a new direction -- and it might be saying "bye-bye" to those bikinis.

"Celebrating sexiness is the essence of the brand. We're not going to change that, but I think we can experiment with how we show sexiness," Maxim's editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear told CBS.

Take Maxim's most recent Taylor Swift cover for example -- a tight shot focusing mainly on the singer's face and hair. Not a lot of bikini action there.

Others are taking note, saying the mag isn't just about showing off women's bodies anymore.

Kate Lanphear is Maxim's current editor-in-chief. She was hired to the position last September and faced a tall task -- using her background in women's fashion and magazines to sell a men's magazine.

From the start, Lanphear made it known that things wouldn't be the same.

When Lanphear's hiring was announced, she released a statement with the magazine saying: "I am thrilled at this opportunity to join Maxim as the brand embarks on a new chapter. I hope to cultivate and broaden Maxim's coverage of style and culture."

The magazine has gone into rebranding mode ever since, with many wondering how it'd go about a stronger focus on fashion and selling itself to women. Now, we have an idea.

Maxim is one of the world's most popular men's lifestyle brands with some 15 million monthly readers.

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