Rat droppings and human urine found in discount makeup

Rat Droppings and Human Urine Found in Discount Makeup
Beauty products can be really expensive, but you might think it's worth it once you hear what police say are in the imitation versions.

City of London police have started the "Wake Up - Don't Fake Up" campaign to raise awareness about the health risks that come along with buying cheaper beauty products.

Police did lab tests on counterfeit items and here's what they found. Makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and foundation had toxic levels of chemicals such as arsenic and some rat droppings. Fake perfume had traces of cyanide and human urine.

Fake (dirty) Cosmetics
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Rat droppings and human urine found in discount makeup
I have noticed quite a few people on Instagram with fake naked 2 palettes. How do I know they are #fake? The external packaging isn't brown. It's clear and comes with free lipgloss #urbandecay #naked2 #cosmetics #counterfeit #forgery #fakemakeup #fakecosmetics
This is so fake it's actually laughable. #mac eyeliners look nothing like that. #maccosmetics #eyeliner #beauty #makeup #fake #cosmetics #counterfeit #fakemakeup #fakecosmetics #forgery
My first blog entry is a comparison of an authentic #MACrubywoo with a #fakeMAClipstick. Check the link on my bio. Happy reading! :) #mac #retromatte #rubywoo #fakemakeup #makeupbyabigailflores
Ohhhkay so, I saw somebody on my #makeupsocial app posted this picture, asking if anyone would be interested in purchasing the "Naked 4" "Urban Decay" eyeshadow palette. I really hope nobody gave into this bs, because it is counterfeit.😣 The naked 4 doesn't even exist, & if it did, the shades wouldn't be hideous like these.☺️ Also, the dead giveaway that it's fake is the SPONGE TIP APPLICATOR.😂 You'll never see that in any authentic Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. Anyway, the main point in posting this is just to give a little warning about counterfeit makeup in general, because it's becoming more popular. The ingredients used to make them aren't approved & could be harmful to your eyes. If you want the real deal and you're shopping online, just be safe and purchase from either the brand's website, or of course the Sephora & Ulta websites.✨☺️ #makeup #counterfeitmakeup #urbandecay #fakemakeup #makeupaddict #makeupartist #mua #eyeshadow #eyeshadowpalette #nakedpalette #sephora #ulta #eyes
This is the comparison between a real and #fake #benefit #smokineyes palette. As you can see on the #counterfeit the packaging is a lot lighter that the real one. Also on the fake, you can see the stripes on the bottom are going the wrong way. #beauty #makeup #forgery #fakemakeup #fakecosmetics #cosmetics #palette #eyeshadow
This is an example of a fake #mac osmetics palette. If you own a palette like this, message me! Remember, mac eye shadows are round, even in palettes!

Not only is this really vile, it's just not good for you. Police say using these cheap products can cause all sorts of bad skin reactions and possibly long term health problems. They also warn against buying low quality electronics like hair dryers and curlers because they can cause fires.

But there is some good news! City of London police say they've suspended over 5,000 websites selling fake luxury products.

We don't know about you, but we'd shell out a few extra bucks to make sure I'm not putting urine or poop on our faces.
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