NFL defensive end Arthur Jones can't fit into his Corvette

6' 3" 337-Pound NFL Defensive End Can't Fit Into His Corvette
6' 3" 337-Pound NFL Defensive End Can't Fit Into His Corvette

Sometimes when a big man has trouble fitting into a small's hilarious. Other times? It's an expensive bummer!

Why shouldn't Arthur Jones get a red Corvette? He's got a Super Bowl ring, a beautiful family, adorable puppies, is clearly passionate about his wheels, and last year signed a five-year-contract with the Indianapolis Colts worth more than $30 million dollars.

So why not splurge on a brand new 2015 Red Corvette Stingray convertible? Well, because at six foot three and 337 pounds, he can't fit behind the wheel. Jones posted this photo to Instagram standing next to the car, captioning it, "Wish I could fit. Guess it's going back to the dealer ..." with the hashtag, big boy problems.

It's a bit hard to believe Jones bought such an expensive car without taking it for a test drive, but maybe it was a gift? Or maybe he's just posing next to someone else's car and joking about why he could never own one? Or did he order it from the factory without taking his seat and legroom requirements into consideration?

Jones sounds like he needs to get on that show West Coast Customs. If they can make Shaquille O'Neal a Shaquilac, they can definitely make the Indianapolis defensive end a Colt-vette.