Monster crab caught for food gets a second chance

Monster Crab Caught For Food Gets A Second Chance
Monster Crab Caught For Food Gets A Second Chance

Most crabs end up on the dinner table, but a recent catch was so unusually big that it found a home at an aquarium instead.

Recently caught by fishermen in the English Channel, the brown crab, also called an edible crab, weighs nearly 9 pounds and measures more than 10 inches wide across its shell.

It is part of the U.K.'s largest crab species whose claws have been measured to have a grip strength of more than 90 pounds per square inch—exceeding that of humans by around 3 and a half times.

The massive claws help the crab scavenge for food and crush the shells of bivalve prey such as mussels.

After fishermen pulled up the 10-year old crustacean, they offered it to the Blue Reef Aquarium to preserve.

The animals can live for up to 30 years or more.

The crab, which they have named Beast, is currently being quarantined out of public view but is expected to be a popular attraction once a tank big enough to accommodate it is found.

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