Mom face-plants right before her daughter gets engaged

Girl's Mom Faceplants Trying to Film Wedding Proposal
Girl's Mom Faceplants Trying to Film Wedding Proposal

Proposals tend to sweep people off their feet ... but in this hilarious viral video, the wrong person ended up getting carried away.

Jukin Media explained:

Visiting the beach under the guise of a weekend outing, this woman has no clue about her boyfriend's plans to propose to her in front of their entire family. Filming the entire event from the sidelines, the fiancée-to-be's sister yells at mom to get out of the shot, which she tries to do before face planting in the sand. Despite the momentary holdup, the guy drops to his knee, pops the question, and share their first kiss as an engaged couple.

Poor mom doesn't get off so easy, as the entire group begins to berate her for almost screwing up the moment. ("MOM, LOOK UP AT YOUR DAUGHTER" "GOD, MOSES, THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE.") Tough crowd!

Still, the little slip-up didn't detract from the sweet scene, and it certainly ensured that the proposal is one nobody will ever forget -- especially now that the entire Internet has seen it and had a good laugh.

Let's just hope mom's (foot and pride) heals before the wedding! Oh, and for her sake ... we really hope the nuptials won't be held on the beach.

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