Duke University professor under fire for online racist comments

Once you've said it online, you've pretty much said it everywhere.

A Duke University professor was reportedly placed on leave after he had posted racially charged comments to a New York Times article online.

Jerry Hough voiced his opinion on the New York Times article titled "How Racism Doomed Baltimore," saying that Asian-American's do not riot because they are angry but because they are overworked.
However, Asian-Americans were not the only group he focused on.

Hough also made a comment about the riots in Baltimore and also stated that "...every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration." He then compared this to Asian-Americans saying, "every Asian student [who] has a very simple old American first name."

Hough told an ABC affiliate that he stands by his comments and that Martin Luther King Jr. was his hero.

You can read his full comments on the New York Times article here.

Click through the pics below to see Duke University's campus.

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