Bruce Jenner reveals the most 'traumatic' part of transition

Bruce Jenner Reveals the Most 'Traumatic' Part of Transition
Bruce Jenner Reveals the Most 'Traumatic' Part of Transition

In part one of a two-part special of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Bruce opened up to his family about his decision to "live publicly as the woman [he] has always been on the inside."

And while Bruce's family was digesting everything that was going on with his transition, he talked about something that had been especially traumatizing to him over the years — cutting his hair.

"The haircuts for me have been the most traumatic things. I want my hair to be longer, but society says I've got to cut my hair 'cause you're a guy," said Bruce Jenner on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Bustle said they couldn't "imagine how painful it must have been for [Bruce] to hear people mock his hairstyle for so many years."

"In the Kardashians' defense, they didn't know it had such special meaning to him, but it was sad to hear him talk about how upsetting it was. The good news is that as he embarks on the final stages of his transition into presenting as a woman, Jenner's haircut days are over."

And as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Bruce had begun the transition process already when this special was filmed — he has had a nose job and upper lip lift, and had upcoming procedures for his jaw and forehead.

Kim Kardashian recently spoke publicly about seeing Bruce fully dressed as a woman, according to Access Hollywood, saying it was "amazing" and that he "looked beautiful."

Bruce and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan say they hope this special will show other families on similar paths they are not alone.