Apparently Disney used to recycle animation scenes, and it's blowing our minds

Disney Recycled Animation Scenes
Disney Recycled Animation Scenes

When you were little did some Disney movies seem familiar?

A YouTube video has emerged that will make all those Disney dreams seem...unoriginal.

The creators of the video claim that, "Disney animators frequently used to recycle footage from older animated films. They would draw over existing animation cells to make new scenes with characters with similar designs, characteristics, and movements."

The Huffington Post explains that Disney deja-vu was the result of something called "rotoscoping" which was used to help cut costs when cartoons relied on so many animators — not magic. We can imagine it also helped save plenty of time.

That was certainly the case with Snow White's dance with the seven dwarves and a scene from Robin Hood...

Another scene from Robin Hood was later transformed to fit perfectly in The Jungle Book.

Robin Hood is actually full of reused scenes...which explains how it was the lowest budget Disney movie- costing only $1.5 million to make.

The copycat scenes seem to run through just about every production, though.

From characters in 101 Dalmations and Excalibur...

To the clouds in Fantasia and the feature film So Dear to My Heart.

The YouTube video pretty much blew the Internet's mind.


YouTube star Roomie tweeted, "Whoa."

And a cartoonist said, "I feel ripped off. No, not really."

Fortunately, kids are probably too busy enjoying the films to notice any similarities. This is just another spoiler alert they'll have to deal with sometime after finding out that Santa isn't real.