Steve Jobs' business cards sell for $10K at auction

Steve Jobs' Business Cards Sell For $10K At Auction
Steve Jobs' Business Cards Sell For $10K At Auction

Three of Steve Jobs' old business cards recently sold for $10,050, or $3,350 each.

They represent different periods in his career from around 1984 to 1990, as president of NeXT, Chairman of the Board at Apple Computer, and Chairman of the Board of Pixar.

The lot was purchased by Tim Knowles, CEO of a startup named Stacks that is set to launch a digital business card sharing app later in 2015.

He has said in an interview that he made the personally funded purchase because "we wouldn't be doing what we are doing right now if it wasn't for him!"

The money he paid will go towards a larger fundraising effort held annually by The Marin School in Northern California.

The cards were by far the biggest money raiser during the event, attracting 47 bids and single-handedly surpassing the school's online auction goal of $10,000.

They were donated by a family whose child attended the school and were collected when they provided catering services for Jobs.

Knowles plans to display the cards at work to inspire his team.

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