Matthew McConaughey's bizarre commencement speech

Matthew McConaughey's Bizarre Commencement Speech

Matthew McConaughey is known for getting a little bizarre with his work ...

And this week he brought his colorful ways to the University of Houston in a commencement speech for more than 4,000 graduates.

For 45 minutes, the Academy Award winner sat on a barstool and shared stories of voodoo shops in New Orleans, playing bongos in his birthday suit and something about truth pillows.

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Matthew McConaughey's bizarre commencement speech
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But the 45-year-old also dropped some serious and helpful knowledge on the new grads, like taking responsibility for your actions.

He said, "If we're going to make a mistake, we've got to own them, make amends and you've got to move on."

He also offered them personal advice about success.

"Personally, as an actor, I started enjoying my work and literally being more happy when I stopped trying to make the daily labor a means to a certain end...As soon as the work, the daily making of the movie, the doing of the deed became the reward in itself for me. I got more box office, more accolades, more respect than I ever had before."

He got a standing ovation when all was said and done, followed by some positive reviews.

"I love Matthew McConaughey and he said a lot of things that actually mattered," students told KTRK.

"I loved his passion. Everything that he said, I think it was very inspiring for all the graduates."

McConaughey's words didn't come cheap. The University paid him $135,000 for the speech and forked over nearly ten grand more to fly him in from New Orleans on a private jet. The Texas native says he plans to donate the large sum to his charity, the Just Keep Livin' Foundation.

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