Jerk Phillies fan takes home run ball from elderly lady

Philadelphia sports fans aren't known for being the nicest human beings walking the planet, and if there was any debate about it, let this Phillies fan make a case. A home run was hit and the ball just cleared the wall landing in the plants just behind the wall and in front of an elderly woman.

This lady, equipped with a glove, leaned over the rail to try and get the ball. Meanwhile, some jerk Phillies fan comes sprinting in and practically hip checks this elderly lady out of the way to get the ball.

He then grabs her hand and tosses it aside as he claims the ball. He doesn't even look back over his shoulder to see if she is alright or anything, just despicable.

You're a grown adult, this is a baseball... get a life. This is the same kind of person who will run little kids over at a St. Patrick's Day parade to catch some 2 cent plastic beads someone threw off a float.

The folks at Fox Sports Arizona tried to make things right and got the lady a shirt for her troubles.

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