Expedition crew spots an unusual sea creature

Expedition Crew Spots Unusual Sea Creature

During a recent dive in the Gulf of Mexico, Nautilus Live expedition crew spotted something unusual. A closer look revealed that they had stumbled upon a giant siphonophore.

A siphonophore is a colony of organisms or zooids strung together that can grow to be as long as 130-150 feet. Each zooid within the whole siphonophore plays a specific role.

"Giant siphonophores, like all siphonophores, are a collection of highly specialized working parts. Some parts catch prey, others digest food, some parts reproduce and others direct the action by swimming," according to Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The Nautilus Live expedition crew is exploring the ocean studying biology, geology, archeology, and more.

Check out more photos from the crew's Instagram account below:

Sea creature discovered -- siphonophore
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Expedition crew spots an unusual sea creature
The ECOGIG expedition is underway with scientists looking at how the Deepwater Horizon oil spill affected (or not) different deep water corals in the Gulf of Mexico. #nautiluslive #deepsea #corals #biology #science
Deep sea corals can live for hundreds, even thousands of years. For the past three years the E/V Nautilus has visited certain coral sites on the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico to take high resolution images of them, and to see how they have grown in a year. #deepsea #nautiluslive #ocean #sealife #ECOGIG
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This squid wanted to be on camera really bad. So it stuck around for a little bit. #nautiluslive #animals #science #squid
See those two red dots in the corner? Those are two lasers coming off of Hercules that are ten centimeters apart. It's an easy way for us to try and determine the size of an organism or rock that we come across. Even grumpy looking ones. #science #biology #animals #deepsea #nautiluslive
At first glance this creature looks like a coral attached to the side of the rock, but look closer. It's actually a crab! This strange, pink crab was found off a seamount in the Anegada passage near The British Virgin Islands. #science #weirdanimals #deepsea #nautiluslive
Ever wondered what the inside of a deep sea sponge looked like? Well look no further. The glass sponge, also known as "Venus Flower Basket" has a unique system for rapidly conducting electrical impulses across their bodies, making it possible to respond quickly to anything coming close to it. #deepsea #biology #animals #Caribbean #nautiluslive

Watch their full expedition video here:

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