Best iced (and hot) coffee in NYC

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I'll take an iced coffee please...

Iced coffee from hip West Village spot: The Elk (Photo by: Lydia Hudgens)

Let's talk coffee in NYC. Iced coffee seems to be more of an accessory these days more than anything else. Sure it gives me a jolt in the morning—but does it match my outfit? From branding to style to taste—these coffee shops are raising the bar in the coffee culture and they are all some of my favorite stops in the city.

1. La Colombe

This Philly original goes unrivaled in my book. Their coffee is strong and rich. This is one coffee place where I am happy to drink it hot or cold. They make a beautifully crafted latte and their iced coffee is topped off with a shot of espresso—OMG. That will do the trick any day of the week. They have a lovely set up as well, where they place you at their coffee bar, after you order, to prepare your coffee with all the proper accoutrements.

If you're in need of an excellent cup of coffee, make sure to stop by any of the locations in NYC. And don't be discouraged by the long line (it's worth the wait!).

2. Bonsignour

This unassuming corner café has amazing iced hazelnut coffee. It is brewed with the hazelnut flavor—as opposed to a hazelnut syrup and its rich flavor does not need any other additions. Aside from the coffee, the food is delish as well and you can grab a quick salad on the go. Special bonus: its West Village locale makes it a favorite stop for Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen milling around with his beloved dog Wacha.

Side bar: if you can't get to Bonsignour for that yummy iced hazelnut coffee, Lenny's and (surprisingly) Café Europa also brew a decent version. However, I repeat: this is mostly in desperation.

3. Porto Rico Brewing Co.

I often pass this coffee shop on the way to work each day, and I finally had the urge to try it. What a gem! The whole place is filled with bags of coffee beans—as if the actual brewing of the coffee is a complete after thought. Their iced coffee is unique and has a strong flavor. If you aren't in the mood for coffee, stop by to grab a bag of beans to take home and take in the delicious aroma of the store.

4. Box Kite

My downstairs neighbors, in the East Village, serve some lovely coffee with an eclectic and friendly staff. They serve small bites and a tasting menu in the evening. In the morning, grab a DOUGH donut with your coffee. They also just expanded their roots to a location on the Upper West Side.

5. Van Leeuwen

This ice cream shop, serves up some delicious scoops but also has an excellent cup of coffee: hot or iced. Its old-timey feel makes it the perfect place to read the paper on a Sunday (I may or may not be doing that right now). Make sure to look out for their ice cream trucks that are spread throughout the city—it's always a yummy treat on a summer day.

6. The Elk

A new and hip West Village spot, right off of bustling Hudson Street—this casual cool spot with light wood paneling makes you feel like you walked into a mini fashion magazine. Its laid back and organic essence make for a great place to make a coffee stop while strolling the West Village.


This eclectic coffee shop that, at first glance, resembles a surf shop that should be nestled in Venice Beach, is a casual and easy environment to enjoy a coffee (and grab some sporty apparel). It's tucked away on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side (an unassuming block which surprisingly packs in some great food, coffee, and shopping spots). The clientele and baristas alike are friendly and easy to chat with: the conversation begins as if you were already in the middle of a long talk (those are my favorite kind). Stop into this sunny coffee/surf shop and take a seat on the weathered couch, with a cortado in hand.

Give us your opinion! Who has the best iced (or hot) brew in town?

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