'Married at first sight' couple celebrates 1 year of marriage

'Married At First Sight' Couple Celebrates 1 Year Of Marriage
'Married At First Sight' Couple Celebrates 1 Year Of Marriage

Marrying a total stranger sounds like an exciting reality show that ends in divorce, but for one couple it was just the start of their love story.

A&E's "Married At First Sight" saw three brides marry three grooms they had never seen before in their lives last July.

One couple, Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis just celebrated their first year of marriage and they say they couldn't be happier.

The show's spiritual adviser told The Huffington Post before the show aired that, quote, "What the show is promoting is for people to think long and hard about what really makes for a long-term relationship, what really makes for a good marriage."

Well...so much for that idea. Although, it wasn't all smooth sailing for Doug and Jamie.

Once the show ended, the couples were given the option to get a divorce on the network's dime, but Doug and Jamie decided to give the social experiment the good ol' college try anyway.

Jamie almost immediately regretted it because she still wasn't in love with her husband when the cameras went away. When she told him, he said it was all good because he wasn't in love with her either.

And, oddly enough, that's when they started to fall in love. A year into their marriage they went all out for an anniversary celebration, complete with gifts, a ski trip, romantic meals and Jamie even changed her last name.

Jamie Hehner posted on Instagram, "It doesn't matter how you find your love, just remember to always celebrate it."

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