What to know this morning: In 5 minutes or less


1. Blues legend B.B. King passed away late last night at the age of 89. The "King of Blues" reportedly passed away peacefully in his sleep, and the world of music mourned him now. Read more here, and see celebrity reactions below.

2. Three bodies have been found near the wreck of a U.S. Marine helicopter in Nepal today. Six Marines and two Nepalese soldiers were on board, delivering relief to victims of the two recent earthquakes. Officials say there are likely no survivors. Read more here.

3. In case you missed it, Johnny Depp's dogs are in trouble in Australia. Depp, who is filming the latest installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, brought his two Yorkshire terriers into the country on a private plane, violating the country's notoriously strict "biosecurity" laws since they were without the proper documentation. The are reportedly planning to head back to the United States today after being threatened with euthanization. Read more here.

Australia Threatens to Put Down Johnny Depp's Dogs
Australia Threatens to Put Down Johnny Depp's Dogs

4. The Patriots claim that they know the real meaning behind the "deflator" text messages, and apparently it had nothing to do with footballs. Read what they claim here.

5. Obama has vowed to stand by Gulf allies amid threats from Iran, saying that the United States would back its allies against any "external attack." Read more from the summit at Camp David here.

6. An update from the Amtrak crash, the engineer who was operating the train that had been traveling over 100MPH at the time of the incident says he has no memory of what happened, due to a concussion he received. Read more here.