The 'Suitsy' lets you wear a onesie to the office

The Suitsy Lets You Wear A Onesie To The Office
The Suitsy Lets You Wear A Onesie To The Office

Let's get serious here ... we all want to go to work in our pajamas. Generally speaking, though, it's frowned upon -- but, is there a way to mix business appropriate attire with PJs? Yes, yes there is.That's where the "Suitsy" comes in. It looks like a suit but performs like a onesie, and you may have already heard about it.

The style hybrid is the brainchild of Bay Area based financier Jesse Herzog and costs you a pretty penny at over $300.

The website describes the fit as "relaxed, but not frumpy," "the jacket fits like a lightly tailored sports coat," and its "built-in hidden stretch panels ensure that the "Suitsy" will keep its shape and fit like a dream." Oh, and you can tailor it.

Greg Ferenstein of The Ferenstein Wire put "Suitsy" to test and tooled around San Francisco in the onesie -- and, no one seemed to notice.

It does look remarkably like the real deal in photos (Hint: "Suitsy" is Suit B), and in person, Ferenstein said no one made a peep about his nap-time business wear.

He even wore it to a political convention. "For four days I barely took the "Suitsy" off -- and never wanted to. I worked out, went grocery shopping, held business meetings, and went out drinking at a bar in it."

Just in case you were wondering, 20 percent of survey respondents preferred the "Suitsy" to a traditional suit. There's hope yet for wearing pajamas to work, everyone.

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