Rare rainbow crayfish discovered in Indonesia

Beautifully Colored Crayfish Becomes An Official Species
Beautifully Colored Crayfish Becomes An Official Species

Our planet's oceans are vast and hold many mysteries, just waiting for our exploration and discovery. A striking crustacean with blue claws and a pink-and-purple-hued body has recently been identified as a new species of crayfish.

Officially named Cherax pulcher, it was ultimately found to be from an area in Indonesia after an unaffiliated German researcher named Christian Lukhaup tracked down its origins. Because of its wider body shape, claw appearance, and coloring, he was able to document that it was, indeed, a new species of Cherax crayfish.

This and other colorful crayfish had been increasingly popular items among aquarium enthusiasts for the past 10 years or so and have been up for sale under various names in Asia, Europe, and North America.

However, there was little documentation about this blue pincered variety so Lukhaup consulted with members in the trade, went to the suggested area of West Papua, and found the live creatures in a creek with the help of locals.

He notes that there are serious threats to the crustacean's survival, however, including pollution, demand among collectors, and perhaps the biggest of them all—their value as a food source to locals.

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