Michael Strahan's mom reveals makeover nine months in the making

Michael Strahan's Mom Gets a Stunning Makeover - See the Reveal!
Michael Strahan's Mom Gets a Stunning Makeover - See the Reveal!

Back in September, Michael Strahan teamed up with his good friend Dr. Ian Smith for a very special project. He wanted Dr. Ian to help his parents, Gene and Louise, learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Over the course of the next nine months, Dr. Ian worked closely with Gene and Louise to teach them healthier approaches to dieting and exercising, all while using Dr. Ian's popular SHRED diet. Together, they were able to reach goals achieve success that would make any son proud.

When it comes to exercise, sometimes it takes a little motivation to get started. In Louise's case, Michael promised her that if she started following a healthier lifestyle, he would get her a brand new wardrobe.

Well, today, that day has finally come.

To celebrate Louise's 38-lb. weight loss, the team at 'Rachael Ray' gave Louise a brand new makeover to fit her stunning, slimmed-down figure. Louise has gone from a size 22 to a size 16!

How did it all turn out? Watch the stunning reveal, plus Michael's special surprise for his mom, in the video above.

You'll be saying "Aww" in no time.

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