Jane Fonda's advice to Lindsay Lohan: 'Come live with me'

Jane Fonda's Advice to Lindsay Lohan: 'Come Live With Me'
Jane Fonda's Advice to Lindsay Lohan: 'Come Live With Me'

Jane Fonda worked pretty closely with fellow actress Lindsay Lohan during her more, uh, troubled days back in 2007.

And Jane told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday she has some advice for her "Georgia Rule" co-star.

"Lindsay Lohan, one piece of advice: come live with me for a while and get a sense of what normal is supposed to be like," said Jane Fonda on "Watch What Happens Live."

"Nice. Is normal living with Jane Fonda?" asked Andy Cohen.

"Yeah, actually!" said Jane.

You tell 'em! If anyone could whip LiLo into shape, it's Jane Fonda.

Of course, Lindsay was notorious for showing up late and calling in sick to the "Georgia Rule" set, so much so that the film's production company had to step in.

And Jane told CBS after filming wrapped that she did have to chastise the young actress about her behavior once or twice.

"She was late one day, and I got mad, and I went in, and I said, 'Get your BLEEP out here on the set!' I raised my voice, and she said to her makeup person, 'Barbarella just yelled at me!'"

Well, I don't know about you, but Jane Fonda yelling at me to get my rear end on a set would scare it right off of me! You go, girl!