In the satisfying 'Scandal' finale, Olivia gets her way

In The Satisfying 'Scandal' Finale, Olivia Gets Her Way
In The Satisfying 'Scandal' Finale, Olivia Gets Her Way

So, when Kerry Washington went on the "Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon and said this ...

"When we finished the table read for this finale, I was so shocked, that I looked at Shonda and said, 'where do we go from here?' how do we even have a fifth season?" (Video via NBC / "Tonight Show")

We said, 'Oh Kerry, how you tease us so.' But after tonight's season finale of "Scandal" and this ending ...

"What happens now?" asks Fitzgerald Grant on "Scandal."

"Whatever we want," said Olivia Pope.

SO NOW WHAT!?!? Yes, ladies and gents. Shonda gave #teamfitz the moment they have been waiting for, the lovey dovey reunion with Olivia.

And notably, there was a mixed reaction on Twitter. While some fans were ecstatic using the hashtags #Olitz and #OlitzForever, others called the finale the"worst," and defended Jake. Let the #teamFitz and #teamJake feud begin!

So while some hearts were broken and others were singing "Here Comes the Sun" from the balconies after the finale, TVLine summed it up best: "There was one winner in the finale, though: Olivia."

Yes, after a roller-coaster season, i.e. Olivia's kidnapping ...

"My name is Olivia Pope," said Olivia.

Olivia finally saw her father's day in jail on "embezzlement" charges, no less, and was rid of Jake after he left and urged her to follow her heart.

So Shonda, where do we go from here? Because Kerry and the entire fan base are in awe.

Can we just fast forward to fall? Anyone?