Hillary Clinton explains why she didn't take Bill's name in unearthed video

1979 Interview Gives Rare Glimpse At A Young Hillary Rodham
1979 Interview Gives Rare Glimpse At A Young Hillary Rodham

An archival interview that surfaced this week offered an incredibly rare look at the then-quiet First Lady of Arkansas who 35 years later is running for president.

This 1979 interview for "In Focus" features a 32 year old Hillary Rodham -- she didn't go by Clinton at the time even though she was married -- discussing her new position as the First Lady of Arkansas

She spoke frankly about why it's difficult to be the spouse of a politician.

"I think that people who are married to politicians are under a tremendous strain because unless you have a pretty strong sense of your own self-identity it becomes very easy to be buffeted about by all the people that are around your husband," she explained.

During the interview, Hillary also discussed why she initially refused to take her husband's last name -- a decision that had caused a bit of an issue during Bill's 1978 campaign for governor. His opponent, Frank White would refer to his own wife as "Mrs. Frank White," an obvious attack against Clinton.

"I didn't want anyone ever to think that I was taking advantage of his position or in some way riding on it," Rodham said of the decision.

"I thought it essential that I tried to keep as much of a distinction between my legal career and my obligations as Bill's wife as I possibly could," she said. "Keeping my name was part of that, as well as the professional reputation that I'd already built up."

Hillary ultimately took her husband's last name during his 1982 gubernatorial campaign at the urging of his advisors.

Three and a half decades later, that woman who didn't quite fit the traditional image of a First Lady is running for president.