Four British sisters have lived a combined 391 years

Four British Sisters Live A Combined 391 Years
Four British Sisters Live A Combined 391 Years

In almost 400 combined years of living, four sisters are breaking records. Twin sisters Freda and Doris Latham and their younger sisters Gladys Camp and Phyllis Friend are officially the world's oldest siblings.The twins just celebrated their 101st birthday; Gladys is 96 and Phyllis is 93 years old -- rounding out their combined lives to 391 years in merry old England. The Daily Mail reports that between the sisters, that accounts for living through 19 Prime Ministers and two World Wars.

To what do they attribute their long life? Food, of course. "Our parents would be shocked. It is a great achievement. I think part of the reason we have survived so long is because of the food we ate [...] Today they have all spiced-up things and I don't think it does you any good," Gladys told the news source.

Gladys explains that through six years of war, she and her siblings ate only plain, non-fatty food. She said their diet was vegetable heavy, noting that their dad had a garden.

If you're wondering what's next on the sisters' agenda, Gladys hopes to have their achievement officially recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records.

'It is an incredible achievement. We are really excited that we could be world record breakers.'

The four sisters had two other siblings, both of whom lived until their 90s, and the previous world record holders lived a combined 386 years.

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