Daisy the Dog with the underbite makes life worth living

Daisy The Dog With The Underbite Makes Life Worth Living
Daisy The Dog With The Underbite Makes Life Worth Living

There is nothing like a Daisy to put a smile on your face.

This is Daisy. She's a 5-year-old rescue from Los Angeles with a beautiful smile and a congenital leg deformity that causes her to use a wheelchair.

Daisy was left on the side of the road as a puppy and was nearly euthanized at a local shelter but in the knick of time Sheena Main saw her and brought her home.

Main told HuffPost, "Daisy loves the attention and saying hi to everyone she passes."

And everyone she passes has to love saying hi to her. She has quite the fan base, over 120,000 Instagram followers. Look at that face! And she rocks a flower crown better than anyone at Coachella.

Daisy is in the market for a nifty new set of 3-D printed prosthetic legs, and you can help her get them by buying some amazing underbite inspired paraphernalia at DroolofHappiness.com.

Might we suggest something else Daisy needs? How about a boyfriend? This is Oscar. He recently stopped by The Pet Show at HuffPost Live to show off his wheels.

Oscar was found dragging himself on the side of the road and, just like Daisy, was scheduled to be euthanized but saved by an amazing pet parent.

If Oscar and Daisy could figure out the whole long distance thing, we really think they could make it work.