Woman arrested for DUI returns to thank police officer

Woman Thanks Police Officer for Arresting Her, Saving Her Life
Woman Thanks Police Officer for Arresting Her, Saving Her Life

(KTLA) A woman arrested for DUI in California on New Year`s Eve said she may have ended up killing herself if not for the police officer who took her to jail, and changed her life.

"It was a difficult period in my life. I was pretty depressed," Mariya Fair, a married mother of two, said.

"I did have a suicide attempt in December and I was planning to repeat it after the holidays so my kids wouldn't have the association of the holidays and mom being gone," Fair said.

The night she was arrested, Fair said she had taken pain pills and muscle relaxers to help with her depression.

"I remember that I just crashed ... thank goodness it was a stop light crash. Nobody got injured," Fair said.

Fontana Police Officer Wayne Blessinger was dispatched to the three car non-injury collision that night.

"She was kind of sleepy and fatigued as I was talking to her," Blessinger said.

Fair was arrested and taken to jail.

"I didn't think I was having an impact on her when I was talking to her," Blessinger said.

But the day after Mother's Day, Fair thanked Blessinger in person for changing her life.

"He was the first person who interacted, who took action ... he was genuinely concerned," Fair said. "You know his name is Blessinger ... I view him as my blessing."

Meeting someone who was grateful for being arrested was a first for Blessinger.

"I was very surprised when she came in ... I didn't expect someone to say 'thank you,'" said Blessinger.

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