Valuable 'Storage Wars' unit proves money can grow on trees

Valuable 'Storage Wars' Unit Proves Money Can Grow on Trees
Valuable 'Storage Wars' Unit Proves Money Can Grow on Trees

On a brand-new episode of "Storage Wars," one savvy bidder proved money can grow on trees with a pretty impressive storage unit haul.

Ivy decided to draw first blood at a first-class auction in Arcadia, California, and bought this locker for $650.

The landscaping tools he found inside pretty much instantly made him a profit.

But when Ivy laid his eyes on this little bag of treasures, he knew he was barking up the right tree.

"Oh, dude! Now, this is awesome. Man, we got some climbing equipment here. These are big money," said Ivy Calvin on "Storage Wars."

Big money is right! Ivy took his tree climbing equipment to Tip Top Arborists to get it checked out.

And when all was said and done, the climbing line, buck strap, climbing saddle and other accessories were worth a pretty penny.

"You know, I hope you're not disappointed, but I'd say it's worth about $1,500," said employee Jim.

"Woo! Disappointed? Man, I'm excited!" said Ivy.

And considering most tree climbing equipment typically sells for a few hundred dollars at best, Ivy really scored big with this one.

What a re-leaf! Get it? Sorry, we had to.

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