Tiny hamsters are back for a tiny tiki party!

Tiny Hamsters Are Back for a Tiny Tiki Party
Tiny Hamsters Are Back for a Tiny Tiki Party

The hungry hamsters are back...but this time they're on the clock...

And they seem more than happy to oblige.We fell in love with them while they were eating tiny burritos...and again when they had a birthday party for their hedgehog friend.

Now they're relaxing with some drinks at their custom made tiny Tiki Bar, where they really like to throw back fruity drinks. Wow, looks like they had a rough week. Not to worry, the people behind Hello Denizen say everything they eat is hamster healthy.

But all those drinks create a dilemma because the bar's bathroom is out of order... It's not the biggest mess a bar has had to deal with, but thankfully Clorox came to the rescue. The tiny hamsters are now apparently brand ambassadors for the company's new urine removing spray.

Now that they have sponsorship, these hamsters should demand more than just junk food. What's the hamster equivalent of champagne and caviar?

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