This day in history: Mickey Mouse debuts in his first cartoon

We all know Mickey Mouse -- he's the cheerful rodent with white gloves, circular ears and bright red shorts.

The iconic character was co-created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. He was originally conceived as a replacement for their earlier and strikingly similar character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. In fact, Mickey Mouse was created out of necessity once Oswald became the primary property of Universal Studios, since he was produced on that company's payroll. This not only spurred the creation of the iconic mouse but also ensured that Disney would only work on characters to which he owned the rights.

Mickey Mouse first appeared on May 15th in 1928 in the unfinished short "Plane Crazy."

The character was officially unveiled to the public six months later in "Steamboat Willie," co-starring Minnie Mouse.

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