Teen asks for help finding missing dad from Amtrak derailment

The thirteen year old son of a missing passenger from the deadly Amtrak crash is pleading for people's assistance to help him find his dad. As the New York Daily News reports, Marc Gildersleeve handed out "missing person" fliers featuring his father's image to reporters in Philadelphia.

"Everyone is just frustrated and worried," Marc said. "It's hard to sit around and wait. It's hard to keep the patience. The last person to speak to him was my mother, who dropped him off at the train station in Baltimore. He was headed to New York for a business meeting."

His father, Bob Gildersleeve, hasn't been identified among the seven people who were killed or the 200 plus people who were injured in Tuesday evening's train crash. At this point, his family has no information on his whereabouts.

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