Stephen Hawking makes bold claim about the future

Stephen Hawking: Computers To Overtake Humans Within 100 Years
Stephen Hawking: Computers To Overtake Humans Within 100 Years

Artificial intelligence is often heralded as a potential path for the ending of everything from car accidents to world hunger.

Stephen Hawking recently cautioned that such power will not likely come without consequences, particularly if it goes unchecked.

While speaking at Zeitgeist 2015, a conference held in London, Hawking noted, "Computers will overtake humans with AI at some within the next 100 years. When that happens, we need to make sure the computers have goals aligned with ours."

Also of concern to Hawking is where the focus on AI is being placed.

It's his feeling that instead of fixating on who's controlling the manufactured intelligence, the matter of whether it can be controlled is the true issue needing to be tended to.

In stressing the importance of developing AI advancements both carefully and with foresight, Hawking offered, "Our future is a race between the growing power of technology and the wisdom with which we use it."

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