Parents speak out on Lindsay Lohan's community service: 'Why would I want her around my child?'

Lindsay Lohan Arrives for Community Service
Lindsay Lohan Arrives for Community Service

Lindsay Lohan began her community service at Duffield Children's Center on Wednesday, and based on the reactions of parents picking up their children, there are mixed feelings about the troubled star's presence as she attempts to serve her 125 hours of community service before the May 28 deadline.

"There are other areas where she can serve her community service," one parent named Linda told ET. "Why should she come to a daycare? Why would I want her around my child? There are so many other things she could do. I was entirely surprised when I received the letter informing parents she was coming."

Linda also lamented that media activity and paparazzi presence around Lohan's service at the school has disrupted her schedule as she drops off and picks up her three-year-old son, adding, "They should have asked for our input first because there is all this commotion. I can't bring my son in peace without being asked questions as I walk in and without being harassed."

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Other parents agreed that the short notice and disruptions were problematic, but were more forgiving of Lohan's presence at the school.

"Everybody deserves a second chance," said Tyrique Peoples, who added that he had no problem with Lohan interacting with his daughter Talisha, 3, under the daycare's supervision. "I don't find anything wrong with it if it betters her...If God can forgive her, we should forgive her."

"I think it's good," agreed ​Priscilla Monteiro, whose five-year-old daughter Vera was excited about Lohan's presence at the Center. "She seems to have cleaned up her image a lot...We all have rebellious periods and she's had them. She had that at an early age and everyone was watching her so it's expected. But now as an adult she can think about them and correct them and hopefully have a child someday and set a future for them."

The 28-year-old actress arrived "super early," according to Duffield's director of early childhood programs, Ivonne Lopez, and stayed until the doors closed at 6 pm at which point a mad rush of paparazzi chasing her car occurred. Police pulled over around 10 cars as many people, including Lohan's vehicle, were driving erratically.

Before her service today, Lohan had reportedly only served about 10 hours of her 125 requirement, stemming from a 2012 car accident in Los Angeles.

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