Kiss Cam at Hawks vs Wizards went hilariously wrong (Video)

This NBA Kiss Cam Moment Was Probably Staged but It's Still Great
This NBA Kiss Cam Moment Was Probably Staged but It's Still Great

Kiss Cams are one of the most tired in-arena concepts in the NBA, and in sports as a general whole for that matter. However, the Kiss Cam at game five of the second round NBA Playoff series between the Hawks and Wizards caught something on video that certainly gave life to the hackneyed concept:

That's not just a minor spill; that's a full beer going down the shirt of the man in front of the lady in the video.

In a moment where social media randomly turned into the Bob Woodward of the internet, people started to wonder whether or not the moment was authentic or a set-up:

If that's true, that's a bit unfortunate because this would be an amazing candid moment to have captured on video. It wouldn't also be surprising as the reactions and the pour do seem a bit too perfect to be non-rehearsed.

Regardless of the authenticity of it all, though, it made me laugh and surely did the same for many others who caught a glimpse of the moment. I'll take a good bit of comedy, even if it isn't entirely non-fiction.

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