Incredible X-ray shows metal tongs lodged inside python

Incredible X-Ray Shows Metal Tongs Lodged Inside Python
Incredible X-Ray Shows Metal Tongs Lodged Inside Python

Next time you feed your pet snake, keep in mind that the animal may want more than just a rodent.

The owner of Winston the Python recently learned that the tongs used to feed snakes can also be deemed as prey.

According to 891 ABC Adelaide, while Aaron Rouse from Australia was feeding a rat to the python, the snake grabbed onto the metal tongs. To his disbelief, Winston soon swallowed the whole thing.

Staff at our Companion Animal Health Centre at Roseworthy got a shock last week when Winston the python presented after...

Posted by The University of Adelaide on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aaron reached out to the Companion Animal Health Centre at Roseworthy, which is part of The University of Adelaide, for help with the situation.

Snakes in general can regurgitate unwanted prey but in this situation, given the shape of the tongs and how they were lodged inside, that scenario seemed unlikely.

Finally, a surgery was performed to successfully remove them and Winston is said to be recovering well.

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