How to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day
How to Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day...You won't get the day off from work, but you can still have fun with it!

If you've ever chosen to stay at a DoubleTree hotel because you know you get a free cookie when you check in, let's just say you're not alone. But on National Chocolate Chip day you don't have to get a room to get a cookie. You can get a free one just by walking into any DoubleTree hotel and asking.

You can also get your chocolate chip fix in pancakes at your local diner or in muffins from your local bakery. Don't forget about ice cream -- whether it's chocolate chip, mint chip, or cookie dough you'll get your dose for the day.

Have some chocolate chips at home? Whip up your own batch of cookies or stretch a little and melt those chips down to make fondue! Or if you don't feel like cooking, this may be the only acceptable day to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag.