Chicago woman uses Tinder to get men to send her free pizza

Woman Uses Tinder To Get Men To Send Her Free Pizza
Woman Uses Tinder To Get Men To Send Her Free Pizza


CHICAGO— A Chicago woman and her roommate were hungry, so they took to the popular dating app Tinder to get men to buy her pizza. She called it the Tinder Games.

The 22-year-old Lakeview woman, who dubbed herself "Tinderella," tried to get men to buy her pizzas.

"We weren't thinking much of it because we wanted to have fun," said Lara, who asked only to be identified by her first name, in an interview with Chicagoist.

She told Chicagoist she avoided using her real address by using the address of a nearby Starbucks to have the food delivered.

A few men responded and agreed to buy her a pizza. She would give them the fake address and then call the pizza place to change the delivery to her address.

However, Lara said she is now done with the Tinder Games. She told Chicagoist she has since deleted her Tinder profile.

The woman reportedly said the stunt wasn't to use men, but rather to provide social commentary on online dating.