Cat's record-setting purr is as loud as a vaccum cleaner

Cat's Record-Setting Purr Is as Loud as a Vaccum Cleaner
Cat's Record-Setting Purr Is as Loud as a Vaccum Cleaner

A British rescue cat called Merlin has been crowned king of the purrs after breaking the Guinness World Record for the loudest purr.

This kitty lives in Britain with his owner Tracy Westwood and daughter Alice -- and he has a roar that could rival the big cats of the jungle.

Adjudicators of Guinness World Record visited Merlin as a part of the British TV show, "Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud 2," and measured the purr at 67.8 decibels. He beat the previous record of 67.68 decibels -- set in 2011 by another British cat named Smokey.

Just in case you were wondering, 67.8 decibels measures somewhere between the noise of an air conditioning unit and a vacuum cleaner.

If purring is a measure of contentment, this must be one happy kitty.

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