A few simple tests will apparently determine if your dog is a genius

A Few Simple Tests Will Determine If Your Dog Is A Genius
A Few Simple Tests Will Determine If Your Dog Is A Genius

Parents always think their child is the smartest kid around and pet parents are no different. Obviously Fido must be a genius if he can open the back door with the swipe of a paw, right?! Now, you can actually put your beloved pooch to the test to see if you really have a (very fuzzy) Einstein on your hands.Dognition uses carefully constructed games to understand "your dog's individual cognitive style — the thinking, learning, and problem-solving strategies that influence much of your dog's behavior."

After completing a battery of tests your pup will fall into one of nine profiles. Ten percent of dogs will be the "ace" -- a great combo of smart, social and sometimes mischievous.

The "Einstein" (the smartest of the pack) are problem solvers with good memories that are sometimes socially awkward. Only 3 percent of pups will qualify as a smarty-paws.

The largest percentage of dogs will be "socialites" who rely heavily on interacting with humans.

HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker put her 3-year-old rescue dog Dexter to the test -- or rather, she ried to. He got tuckered out after an hour of commands and exercises with sticky notes.

For $19 you get access to 20 tests but each test has warm-ups and multiple rounds. They're time consuming, and much to Dexter's delight, use many, many, many treats. Caitlyn recommends doing them over a span of a few days.

Dexter and Caitlyn are still in the process of testing, but here is how he did with empathy. His scores are "off the charts" -- according to his performance, he "absolutely adores" his owner.

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