Study says chewing gum can keep songs from getting stuck in brain

How to Get Rid of That Song Stuck in Your Head
How to Get Rid of That Song Stuck in Your Head

By: Mabarbagallo

READING, UK – Here's something to chew on. Ever wonder what to do when a nagging tune gets stuck in your head? Well, according to researchers from the University of Reading, the best way to keep a catchy song from taking control of your brain is to chew on some gum!

A study in the "Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology", took about 100 people and played them songs by David Guetta and Maroon 5. Half of those participants were asked to chew gum while listening to the music. According to researchers, those that were chomping away on gum had a 33% greater chance of shaking the songs than those you weren't chewing.

Songs that get stuck in people's heads are called "Earworms". Scientists say moving your jaw (or basically the act of chew some gum) cuts down on how well you're able to hear the tune. Short-term memory gets disrupted and repeating, unwanted thoughts of the same song (over and over again) are kept at bay. So, the next time you hear that annoyingly popular summer jam on the radio, pop some gum! It might get sticky in your mouth, but chances are the song won't get stuck in your brain!

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