People perceive the color red to be 'angry' on men

People Perceive the Color Red to Be 'Angry'  on Men
People Perceive the Color Red to Be 'Angry' on Men

In a bad mood? There's a color you should wear to let everyone know.

When we're upset, people say that we are "seeing red." Ever wondered if there was any proof to the statement? Researchers at Durham University have released a study that finds men look "angry" or "aggressive" when wearing the color red.

One hundred people were shown pictures of men wearing outfits that were digitally altered to either be blue, gray, or red, then asked to rank the photos based on aggressiveness or dominance. Both men and women perceived red to be aggressive.

But is this study stating the obvious? We've seen politicians wear red ties on the campaign trail, and business men wear their "power tie" to meetings. Major sports teams choose red uniforms to intimidate their opponents. Even golfer Tiger Woods is known to wear a red polo while playing the final round of tournaments.

Fans say this let's people know "Tiger is on the hunt." This particular study did not address women wearing the color red, but researchers say it could be a topic in the future.