Meet the internet sensation 'Scrappy the Doxie'

Meet The Cute Viral Internet Sensation 'Scrappy The Doxie'
Meet The Cute Viral Internet Sensation 'Scrappy The Doxie'

COVINGTON La. (WGNO)Scrappy the Doxie recently celebrated his 3rd birthday, but he's been the life of the party for almost a year with Facebook videos that have gone viral. It's hard not to smile when you see the dachshund dressed in a teddy bear costume which is why he's now an internet sensation.

"I had no idea, I was trying to figure out who shared it because he only had a thousand followers, I have no idea who actually shared it to get so many views. He went from one thousand followers to 48,000 followers and I kept going every day and looking to see the number of views for the video and it would go up a million every day and I just could not believe it," says Kailey Persson, Scrappy's mom.

Who knew what an old teddy bear could do? But Scrappy the Doxie has a lot of other costumes too and he's working with a pack of pups to raise money for charity. "We've been working with The Ween Team which are different dachshunds around the world and last month we raised $10,000 with Wag Aware and we've been putting together little videos just trying to get people to help raise money for the dachshund rescue."

He really is a hero and heroes get really hungry, which is why Scrappy the Doxie is always willing to work for food. "He loves dog peanut butter more than anything so if I get my camera out he freaks out, he gets so excited and goes and he'll sit and pose because he knows if he poses he can get some dog peanut butter and that's his favorite thing."

Almost 25 million views for one video alone and over 60 thousand followers between Facebook and Instagram. It's safe to say Scrappy is one lucky doxie!

Check out the slideshow below for more pics of cute pups: